A Message from PHCC President Hunter Botto
PHCC Members: Let’s Make It Happen!

November 18, 2020
By Hunter Botto, PHCC–National Association President (2020-2021)

You would think that assuming the helm of an organization during the height of a global pandemic would be daunting, but when the organization is PHCC and I see every day all the ways the association is helping its members (and members are helping each other), it actually has me excited about our future. If anything, I feel like our light shined brighter this year with:

  • Resources, templates and updates from PHCC National and state chapters on how to respond to – and move forward from – this public health crisis.
  • The priceless sharing of best practices among our members.
  • Advocacy on your behalf that secured business-friendly legislation (keeping our companies afloat and employees on our payroll!).
  • And, of course, all the ongoing educational opportunities that teach us the “business” of doing business.

In fact, this latest video from PHCC recaps all the resources developed for members just this year!

That said, there is power in numbers … and, with more members, we have even more power, more influence, and more to offer each other. I implore more of you to get involved. It is our responsibility to be the leaders moving forward and teach the next generation. Here are some things you can do right now:

  • Participate in your local or state chapter meetings and ask what you can do to help, such as serving on a committee, contacting a prospective member or mentoring a young contractor.
  • Invite a fellow contractor to join you at a chapter event; tell them about an educational session you attended and what you learned. Send them here to check out our Member Benefits Flyer.
  • Consider serving on a PHCC—National committee; go to the “Get Involved” tab at phccweb.org/resourcecenter, find your best fit, and click on “Apply to Volunteer.” You can even contact me directly at botto@naphcc.org, and I will help you find a spot.

And, to all our plumbing and HVAC manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, I invite you to get more involved with PHCC this year … ask what you can do to reach more contractors so they have access to the resources they need to effectively run their businesses. Help us strengthen our industry and grow our association.

To all our members, don’t wait for someone else to step up … this is your industry and your future. Get involved. Make it happen!

PHCC–National Association President (2020-2021)
Botto Brothers Plumbing & Heating
Bradenton, Florida

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