A Commitment to Professionalism: Stronger Than Ever

January 15, 2021
By Michael Copp, Executive Vice President

Challenging times in 2020 only reinforced the need in plumbing and HVACR industry to come together and maintain high standards. Drawing on our 138-year history, PHCC protected our members and their employees, families and communities – even through a global pandemic – by supplying relevant resources, sharing best practices among our members, advocating to secure business-friendly legislation and regulation, pledging to train new workers, and providing the best education in the industry.

Among PHCC’s top accomplishments this past year:

  • Made great strides in workforce development, including signing a pledge at a White House ceremony to train 75,000 people through the Foundation’s plumbing and HVAC apprenticeship programs in January 2020 and witnessing enrollment in the Foundation’s Pre-Apprentice Training Program more than double in growth throughout the year.
  • Quickly responded at the onset of the global pandemic with an online COVID-19 Resource Center, providing members and chapters with safety resources; boilerplate templates and graphics; a comprehensive COVID-19 Recovery Webinar Series; a Contractors Talk portal where members could share tips; and more.
  • Later transitioned PHCC’s Resource Center to an online COVID-19 Recovery Center, adding new resources such customizable safety flyers, updates on federal legislation, and articles on how businesses are reimagining their workspaces.
  • Boosted member benefits and discounts, including a new multi-employer program that allows members to provide a competitive, turnkey 401(k) benefit to their employees.
  • Introduced several new timely courses, webinars and other resources from the PHCC Education & Training Department, including a special gateway to offerings from our key industry partners.
  • Advocated to secure business-friendly legislation, including the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and subsequent extension which benefited many PHCC members.
  • Leveraged video and PowerPoint presentations to provide helpful instructional guidance from experts on topics such as how to apply for federal loans, loan forgiveness procedures, back-to-work guidance and PPP requirements.
  • Provided a customizable version of PHCC’s updated Crisis Action Plan (with new sample Pandemic Action Plan and model for COVID-19 staff training) to chapters and members, giving them access to important crisis planning resources.
  • Offered up-to-date articles, regulatory updates and education programs on the latest refrigerant options as the HVACR industry continued the transition to low-GWP refrigerants.
  • Tapped into creativity, adaptability and modern technology to host PHCCCONNECT2020 – our first annual convention held online – providing a rewarding opportunity for our member contractors, industry partners and affiliated groups to reconnect as an industry. As a bonus, all sessions were available for on-demand viewing following the event.

For a more comprehensive look at this year’s accomplishments, check out PHCC’s 2019-2020 Annual Report.

This past year is proof that we are stronger together; … and with more members, we have even more power, more influence and more to offer each other. If you are a member of PHCC, get more involved in 2021 to not only maximize your membership but to be the leaders moving forward and teach the next generation. If you are not a member of PHCC, we encourage you to join our association to access the valuable education, advocacy and networking resources you need to strengthen your business. Check out all we have to offer via www.phccweb.org/become-a-member, email membership@naphcc.org or call 800-533-7694.

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