Message from the EVP

  • 01.11.19

    Looking Ahead to 2019

    Chief Economist Ken Simonson for Associated General Contractors writes that “Despite the threats from labor market tightness, tariffs and rising interest rates, most contractors should find opportunities abound in 2019.”

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  • 12.07.18

    Power of Industry Communities

    Back in 2016, the PHCC Board of Directors added “collaboration” as a core value to its list of values that include: leadership and innovation, professionalism and integrity, member focused, technical and business expertise, career development and education, quality installation and service, and proactive advocacy. The idea is that PHCC cannot be an expert in all that it does to bring value to …

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  • 11.13.18

    Passing the Baton

    The p-h-c trades are filled with grinders whose stories are worth every bit of attention of those searching for a good story about what is right about our industry. It’s all about passing the baton to the next tradesperson and hence, raising everyone’s level of professionalism.

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  • 10.26.18

    Recession Coming in 2019…ish

    Bloomberg's Jeff Kearns notes that, "Two-thirds of business economists in the U.S. expect a recession to begin by the end of 2020.” Some argue that it could start in 2019 and others in 2021, but that in any case it’s not expected to be near what we experienced in 2008.

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  • 07.30.18

    The Dependency Ratio

    I have written a number of articles about the workforce shortage for several years and it’s great to see the mainstream media, legislators and regulators now talking about it, too. We are slowly starting to see a shift in conversations from “college” to “career” readiness with efforts like legislation that will expand apprenticeship programs with modest additional funding.

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  • 07.06.18

    EVP Message: Industry Trends Through the Eyes of a Manufacturer

    During PHCC National’s recent visit with the leadership of NIBCO, a part of our conversation was comparing the strategic efforts of both PHCC and NIBCO, a recognized leader of flow control solutions to the residential and commercial construction markets.

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  • 06.15.18

    Philanthropy Could Attract Youth to the P-H-C Industry

    A recent news story I saw on TV indicated that many small businesses are struggling to find seasonal employees. Low unemployment, fewer foreign workers and many students preferring to seek out volunteer opportunities are contributing to an already difficult labor shortage. Unlike when I started working at 15 years of age, today many students feel obligated to volunteer, in addition to other …

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  • 04.13.18

    The Value of Servant Leadership

    I recently had an opportunity to attend the PHCC Educational Foundation's PHCC Essentials of Project Management course taught by Kirk Alter (2018) Associate Professor and Fulbright Scholar at Purdue University. During the class he introduced the concept of ‘servant leadership’ and principles that could dramatically increase the student's ability to successfully manage projects and lead their …

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  • 04.07.18

    Service: Practicing What We Preach

    PHCC strives to help our members be recognized as the Contractors of Choice in their marketplaces, supplying them with tools and training about being more efficient, more knowledgeable, and more innovative. But it’s no secret that – especially in this age of social media and online reviews – contractors are only as good as their customers’ opinions of them, and the professionals who give their …

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  • 12.20.17

    Advocacy News

    Update on DOL Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion

    The Department of Labor (DOL) Task Force established by President Trump’s Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America has had a formative meeting with more meetings expected early in 2018. The mission of the task force is to identify strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors where apprenticeship programs are insufficient.

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