Message from the EVP

  • 06.17.19

    Jobs Outlook Can Drive Membership Recruitment and Retention

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 480,600 plumbing jobs back in 2016, with positive growth expected for the next 10 years. “Employment of plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters is projected to grow 16 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.” (Retrieved on May 3, 2019 from the World Wide Web at …

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  • 05.20.19

    Advocacy Means “Calling for Action”

    The PHCC Federation represents (as described back in 1883) a membership of “allied contractors” engaged in a “movement” dedicated to the “advancement and education of the plumbing and HVACR industry for the health, safety, and comfort of society and the protection of the environment.” 

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  • 05.03.19

    Focusing on Membership Recruitment

    As the PHCC National team wraps up its budget development process for 2019/20, clearly membership recruitment and retention need to be a primary focus for the next fiscal year.  While it’s been a major focus area within the PHCC strategic plan, the federation is not growing sufficiently to replenish members who’ve left, in addition to recruiting new members.  So how do we stack up overall?  PHCC …

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  • 03.22.19

    PHCC Strategic Preparation

    Paul D. Meyer, is President and Co-CEO of Tecker International, LLC, and recently conducted and annual strategic review with PHCC National Association.

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  • 02.28.19

    2019: Helping Our Members Thrive

    2019 is the Chinese Year of the Brown Earth Pig (aardvark). Unlike the aardvark, we will not be sticking our head in the ground, but rather looking above the berm to see how we can help contractors thrive.

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  • 02.08.19

    The Importance of Life-Long Education

    Emerging global trends reveal that the plumbing-heating- cooling (p-h-c) industry is changing rapidly. These changes include an ever-growing global internet economy, increasing speed of technological development, expanding client expectations and a shift toward reintermediation.

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  • 01.11.19

    Looking Ahead to 2019

    Chief Economist Ken Simonson for Associated General Contractors writes that “Despite the threats from labor market tightness, tariffs and rising interest rates, most contractors should find opportunities abound in 2019.”

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  • 12.07.18

    Power of Industry Communities

    Back in 2016, the PHCC Board of Directors added “collaboration” as a core value to its list of values that include: leadership and innovation, professionalism and integrity, member focused, technical and business expertise, career development and education, quality installation and service, and proactive advocacy. The idea is that PHCC cannot be an expert in all that it does to bring value to …

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  • 11.13.18

    Passing the Baton

    The p-h-c trades are filled with grinders whose stories are worth every bit of attention of those searching for a good story about what is right about our industry. It’s all about passing the baton to the next tradesperson and hence, raising everyone’s level of professionalism.

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  • 10.26.18

    Recession Coming in 2019…ish

    Bloomberg's Jeff Kearns notes that, "Two-thirds of business economists in the U.S. expect a recession to begin by the end of 2020.” Some argue that it could start in 2019 and others in 2021, but that in any case it’s not expected to be near what we experienced in 2008.

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