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  • 02.26.21

    2021: Helping Members Thrive in the Next Normal

    After a challenging 2020, the plumbing-heating-cooling industry is looking forward to renewed prosperity with the hope that COVID-19 will fade into the background with the introduction of multiple vaccines and hence, encouraging the public to work, shop, dine and travel the way it did in pre-pandemic times. In fact, some economists are predicting the economy will return to normal by this fall. The recovery, however, will not be without its share of challenges.

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  • 02.17.21

    2021 Economic Forecast

    After more than 10 years, the longest U.S. expansion on record came to a screeching halt due to the novel coronavirus. A recession precipitated by the pandemic began in March of last year. Although not officially declared yet, most economists agree that June was the last month of a very short, deep recession. Even though economic growth resumed in July, economic activity has yet to return to its pre-pandemic level. Return to that level as measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is unlikely to happen until at least the second half of this year or early next.

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  • 01.15.21

    A Commitment to Professionalism: Stronger Than Ever

    Challenging times in 2020 only reinforced the need in plumbing and HVACR industry to come together and maintain high standards. Drawing on our 138-year history, PHCC protected our members and their employees, families and communities – even through a global pandemic – by supplying relevant resources, sharing best practices among our members, advocating to secure business-friendly legislation and regulation, pledging to train new workers, and providing the best education in the industry.

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  • 12.11.20

    2020: A Year to Forget?

    The American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou advised that "we may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated." This extremely challenging year will be remembered for some time despite our collective desire to leave it in the rear view mirror. Yet despite a pandemic, protests, plagues, unemployment, a recession, wildfires, hurricanes, and a presidential election, our Association and our industry continues to demonstrate a resiliency and determination that in a larger sense, defines this great nation. Our PHCC members continue to move forward with hope in their eyes and a bone in their teeth as they protect the health and safety of everyone and our planet. 

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  • 11.13.20

    COVID-19 and its Impact on Strategic Planning

    As PHCC National begins to think about its strategic direction moving forward, it certainly needs to factor in the pandemic and its impact on future efforts. As Daniel Ronan (2020) of  Resilient Heritage writes in his article, “It’s Strategic to Think of the Future: Strategic Planning in the Time of COVID-19, “see if your organization can step into the crisis with a savvy outlook on the future, one that mitigates risks while remaining optimistic”. 

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  • 10.23.20

    Remote Employees and Flextime

    The COVID-19 pandemic continues to force up to half of all American workers to work remotely, in large part to address concerns regarding workplace safety. This has offered employees who work from home with the ability to accommodate other demands, such as remote learning for children and home care for elderly family members. The pandemic introduced a presumption of employer flexibility in how employees accomplish their work and as a result, has blurred the intent of two very different workplace benefits: ‘telework’ and ‘flextime.’ 

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  • 10.07.20

    An Exclusive Look Inside PHCCCONNECT2020: Root for a decisive election, analyst says

    Americans should root for a decisive victory – by either side – in November’s election, said political analyst Nathan Gonzalez, editor and publisher of Inside Elections. If the election comes down to a couple thousand votes for either president or control of the Senate, it will be hard for the nation to move forward.

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  • 09.25.20

    Symbology as a Surrogate of Organizational Truth

    We should question symbols within our working environments that over time can transform into proxies of our corporate truth-- our values as leaders and as organizations. Value alignment between organizations and individuals is, in general, a critical tenant of maintaining proper employee morale and commitment. 

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  • 08.27.20

    Telepresence Reshaping the Workplace

    I recently read an article by Derek Thompson (2020) with The Atlantic, The Workforce Is About to Change Dramatically, in which he shares what economist David Autor and MIT’s Elisabeth Reynolds assert about the impact of “the rise of remote work—or what they call ‘telepresence’—[leading] to a more homebound life that creates less work for others.”

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  • 08.07.20

    Temperature Assessment Devices

    There has been increased interest in temperature assessment devices as part of an overall COVID-19 response plan as businesses begin to reopen.  There is some hesitancy in using these instruments because in part as the Federal Drug Administration notes in its article, Non-contact Temperature Assessment Devices During the COVID-19 Pandemic, “Some studies suggest that temperature measurements alone may miss more than half of infected people.”

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