QSC Service Technician Webinar Series – Building Blocks of Success
August 2, 2022 - October 11, 2022

Registration Now Open to All Contractors (Member and Non Member)!

Due to overwhelming demand, QSC’s Service Technician Training webinars are now available to QSC member companies LIVE and IN PERSON once again!

Members can register at anytime for this series of six 30 to 40-minute bi-weekly webinars entitled "Building Blocks of Success” which will be delivered by QSC Business Coaches Beth Dobkin, Les Hanks, and Rick Mears.  Each session is highly interactive and will include tips, suggestions and best practices for how your most vital team members can provide value to your customers and to your company.

Now offered to QSC Members for $599.00 per company, PHCC members for $699.00 per company and Non PHCC members for $799.00 per company (unlimited registrants) for all six live sessions. Attendees will also receive a follow-up summary that will include key take-aways, items for implementation and a certificate of completion. 

These sessions will be recorded. All registered companies will receive a copy of the recorded sessions and "Tips to Remember" handout soon after the session has concluded.

Registered after August 2? Not to worry, you will receive a copy of the recorded live sessions and the handouts you have missed. You will also receive a Zoom invite to participate in the remaining live sessions. 

Have your Service Technicians start their day off right! These inspiring and motivational webinars will be offered at 7:30 a.m. in Pacific and Mountain time zones and 8:00 a.m. in the Eastern time zone.

2022 Fall Session "Building Blocks of Success"

Dates and Topics:
  • August 2: “Me” Centric – Mind Shift – Mindset
  • August 16: Arrive with Style
  • August 30: Shatter the Ice
  • September 13: Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars
  • September 27: Safe Homes are Happy Homes
  • October 11: Don’t Forget the Icing

 Step-by-step Registration Directions: To register company 

  1. Click on “Register Individual”
  2.  Under Registrant Type click “QSC Member”
  3.  Scroll to bottom of page and see “Event Fees”
  4.  Select session in your time zone (Central may select Mountain or Eastern)
  5. Click “Total”
  6. Click “Add to Cart”
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Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation and receipt.  Your session leader will send you conference call access information.

Please send cancellation requests to dalton@naphcc.org. Cancellations and refunds for this series subscription will be considered on a case-by-case basis if received in writing before August 2, 2022.  A $75.00 processing fee will be applied.   No refunds will be offered for cancellations received after August 2, 2022.


  • Non PHCC Member - Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 7:30am MOUNTAIN (per company)
  • QSC Member - Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 7:30am MOUNTAIN (per company)
  • PHCC Member - Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 7:30am MOUNTAIN (per company)
  • Non Member – Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 8:00am EASTERN (per company)
  • QSC Member – Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 8:00am EASTERN (per company)
  • PHCC Member – Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 8:00am EASTERN (per company)
  • QSC Member - Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 7:30am PACIFIC (per company)
  • PHCC Member - Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 7:30am PACIFIC (per company)
  • Non PHCC Member - Building Blocks of Success Webinar Series - 7:30am PACIFIC (per company)

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August 2nd, 2022

“Me” Centric – Mind Shift – Mindset

Learning Objectives:

*Identify positive and potentially negative pronouns
*Adopt a we, us, our approach
*Explain mind shifts
*Develop an awareness of opportunities for change
*Define mindsets and how to make life changing modifications

Session Type: Seminar

August 16th, 2022

Arrive with Style

Learning Objectives:

*Define respect in customer terms
*Establish a “first Impression” routine
*Understand how personal hygiene provides success
*Highlight the power of a smile
*Create a grand entrance

Session Type: Seminar

August 30th, 2022

Shatter the Ice

Learning Objectives:

*Discover unspoken questions
*Learn how to respond with unspoken answers
*Follow-up with engaging questions
*Perform little extras
*Shatter the Ice!

Session Type: Seminar

September 13th, 2022

Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars

Learning Objectives:

*Acknowledge differing perspectives
*Start your journey to stardom
*Set the table for success
*Change buying habits through options
*Deliver expectations

Session Type: Seminar

September 27th, 2022

Safe Homes are Happy Homes

Learning Objectives:

*Define the Plumbing Safety Checkup
*Evaluate reasons to perform checkups
*Discuss items included in the checkup
*Determine value to the customer
*Analyze value to the tech and company
*Examine multiple approaches to secure approvals
*Summarize objectives when completing a plumbing checkup

Session Type: Seminar

October 11th, 2022

Don’t Forget the Icing

Learning Objectives:

• We will identify opportunities to create a memorable customer experience
• We will determine behaviors or processes that promote customer loyalty
• We will explain the long-term value of warranties and guarantees
• We will expose questions that help you solidify the customer buying decision
• We will offer suggestions on final actions that leave the customer Wowed
• We will establish a follow-up process for your customer’s future needs

Session Type: Seminar
Beth A Dobkin

Ask me thirty years ago and I assure you I would not have predicted that I would have built a career in the plumbing industry. Yet here I am through ups and downs with the knowledge that comes from 16 years of successful business ownership, 28 years of management and 16 years of consulting experience. Now don't blame me for this but I am a Jersey girl, born and raised in the farmlands. I met my husband through their family plumbing business where I worked as a bookkeeper. We moved to California to the Silicon Valley in 1982 but soon decided that Sacramento would be home for our family and plumbing service company. As our family grew so too did our business. We added HVAC service in 1998. Fast forward to 2000. We successfully sold our business to a fortune 500 company. They hired us to stay on and manage their new investment making me the General Manager where I remained for the next 4 1/2 years. In 2005 I decided change was in the air. I left the service side of the business and became a business coach for a national plumbing franchisor. With a passion for training and developing people, I was responsible for creating and presenting programs related to our industry and the customer service experience including technician, business development, customer loyalty and basic training. Other duties included creating content and confirming accuracy of public relations and marketing materials, development of new national accounts and working with vendors to develop partnerships. Working with business owners is very rewarding and has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills, helping others make their dreams a reality. On April 1, 2012 I started my adventure with QSC. I can't promise that the road will be easy but nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished in a day. Beth's motto, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance in the rain." Vivian Greene

  • Session Name: “Me” Centric – Mind Shift – Mindset
    Role:   Trainer
  • Session Name: Don’t Forget the Icing
    Role:   Trainer
Les Hanks

Les Hanks joined Quality Service Contractors on June 1, 2013 and serves as the Business Management Coach for a variety of services, such as comprehensive business analysis, strategic planning, competitive analysis, program/seminar development and more. Les is a proud 1988 graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Finance. An expert in building solid relationships with people has led Les to a successful career as a Business Coach and Consultant. He also has prior experience as the Marketing Manager for a major life insurance company as well as leadership positions in the retirement plan administration and petroleum tax consulting industry. Prior to coming to QSC, Les was a Regional Manager/Business Coach for Mr. Rooter Corporation for over 6 years. His travels took him throughout the west coast and the Midwest, and he was honored to have been involved in the growth and success of many franchises. Les was honored as Mr. Rooter Corporation Team Member of the Year in 2011. Being blessed with excellent written and oral communication skills, relationship building skills, creativity, training skills and a knack for teaching financial concepts is the secret of his success. Les takes great pride and joy in helping business owners succeed in life and in business, and has seen many of the current QSC members he works with enjoy growth and expansion. Les is married to his best friend Christine, has 4 wonderful children, and resides in Waco, TX. His passion outside of family and work is all things Aggie sports, especially football. Les published a book in 2015 called C.H.R.I.S.T. The Pillars of Rock Solid Relationships. It is available on Amazon for those interested in a short, but powerful book on the secret of great relationships in life and business.

  • Session Name: Safe Homes are Happy Homes
    Role:   Trainer
  • Session Name: Arrive with Style
    Role:   Trainer
Rick Mears

Rick Mears joined Quality Service Contractors on January 18, 2021 and serves as the Business Management Coach. Rick lives just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah in Stansbury Park – a once small little community on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake. Rick was born and raised in Sandy, Utah where he graduated from high school and then attended the University of Utah (Go Utes!) Rick has a BS degree in Business Finance and his original plan was to trade stock or work as an investment broker. While attending college Rick got a job with a local HVAC supplier and the rest is history. He spent 5 years working as an HVAC distributor then was offered a V.P. position with a local HVAC company where he worked for 3 years. He then accepted a position with the Dwyer Group as a business coach where he worked for 3 years before starting his own HVAC company. For the past 20 years Rick has owned and operated his own heating company in Woods Cross, UT which he was fortunate enough to sell to his nephew, thus keeping his dream alive of passing it down to the next generation. Rick has lived in Utah, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Oklahoma, but his roots are in Utah. He is married to Kammi Mears and together they have (6) children, a son-in-law, and a beautiful new grandson. They are literally the Brady Bunch with (3) boys and (3) girls. The boys are easier! Rick’s simple pleasure in life is his family. Living in Utah (“The Greatest Snow on Earth”), all kids were taught how to ski right after they could walk. Unfortunately, all the children have migrated to the darker side and now snowboard. Only Dad and Mom believe in two planks. Rick and his family also enjoy scuba diving and water skiing where all household money and leisure time is spent on the lake, the slopes, or under the water. Annual trips include weekly excursions to Cancun in the winter and Lake Powell to start the summer. Family scuba has taken them to Belize, Cancun, Catalina, Costa Rica, Sint Marteen, and even Utah. A little accolade – all of Rick’s children have graduated from high school with perfect 4.0’s. This is something he takes pride in and figures if the last child makes it out of high school with a 4.0, then the school should erect some sort of statue in his honor. Rick’s family life couldn’t be more varied. His oldest daughter Breanna is just starting medical school, loves concerts, and worries if she isn’t studying enough. The oldest son Tanner graduated from high school with academic and sports honors and is now working on a bio-med degree. The middle daughter Jocee graduated from high school, started college, and finished her first year married. Her hard studying turned into a new son-in-law and grandson, who are perfect fits. The middle son Travler (Rick’s wife named him) recently completed boot camp and is now stationed with the Army in Killeen, TX. Rick’s youngest daughter is graduating from high school this year and plans to immediately move out for college. The youngest boy Zachary is a freshman in high school and looking forward to driving. For the record, when the two oldest boys left home the family saved about $1,000.00/month in food. Cereal lasts forever, milk spoils, and bread gets moldy without them around.

  • Session Name: Shatter the Ice
    Role:   Trainer
  • Session Name: Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars
    Role:   Trainer