Colorado PHCC - Front Line Service Training
February 12 - 13, 2019

This two-day class will teach plumbing and HVAC service technicians the mindset, concepts and techniques they need to succeed.The program is centered around QSC’s Ten Step Service Delivery System.This is a highly interactive program with exercises, examples and role playing to help technicians hone their skills.
Instructed by QSC Business Coach, Beth Dobkin 
Sponsored by KOHLER
Key Topics
·What is Success?
·Mindset and Attitude
·Brand and Value
·Customer Experience
·Customer Loyalty
·Understanding Customer Needs
·Overcoming Sales Objections
·Being Persuasive Upselling
QSC’s Ten Step Service Delivery System
Step 1 – Arrival
Step 2 – At the Door
Step 3 – Entry
Step 4 – Diagnosis
Step 5 – You are the Expert
Step 6 – The Solution
Step 7 – Price
Step 8 – Workstations
Step 9 – Options
Step 10 – Finish like a Professional