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PHCC Educational Foundation Sponsors Community Plumbing Challenge

The PHCC Educational Foundation is proud to – for a fourth consecutive year – join other industry sponsors in supporting the Community Plumbing Challenge. Leveraging our own mission to equip the plumbing-heating-cooling trades with skilled workers dedicated to the health, safety and comfort of society and the protection of the environment, the Foundation is pleased to support the International Team this year as they design and build a sustainable upgrade solution for water supply and wastewater systems at an Indonesian grade school.

For the past four years we’ve seen how young professionals from our industry play a key role at the Community Plumbing Challenge, providing innovative solutions to problematic sanitary conditions in developing parts of the world. This not only illustrates society’s dependence on the plumbing profession but demonstrates the potential – and the impact – of young, motivated workers using their knowledge and skills, as well as technology, to fill a crucial need. We’re proud to support this next generation of workers as they seek to create a better world.

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