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I'm considering joining PHCC and I'm wondering… 

Who can join PHCC?

PHCC is made up of over 3,500 of the nation’s leading plumbing, heating and cooling contractors from union and non-union shops working in service and repair and new construction.  Manufacturers, suppliers and service companies who provide products and services to contractors are also welcome to join the association.

Do I have to join my state and local associations?

Yes, PHCC is a federation and our bylaws state that you must join the state and local chapter in your area. If there is no state or local chapter in your area, you can join PHCC as an at-large member.

Can I join another state or local?

PHCC encourages you to join the state and local association where you do business.

How much are dues?

Each state has different dues and offers additional benefits based on the needs of the contractors in that state. Contact your state association for more information on the cost to join PHCC in your state.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term on the calendar year?

Your membership expires December 31st of every year. Many of the states prorate dues if you join during the year. Contact your state association for more information on the cost to join PHCC in your state.

What do I get for my dues?

PHCC membership is a risk-free investment in the success of your business…guaranteed to improve your bottom line! 

Need futher information?

Click here to request membership information or contact us at / (800) 533-7694.

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